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British Standards

British Standards are simply ways of doing or making something that is agreed to be the best way of doing it. Or to put another way, a standards practise. These standard practises can be applied to manufacturing or testing a product, managing a process, or delivering a service.

The British Standards Catelogue extends to more than 30,000 current British Sandards. Most are for voluntary use, so it is up to you to follow the standard and work better. British Standards are tools. They share knowledge and expertise that can help drive, innovate and improve. Every day, The BSI and British Standards are helping organisations increase productivity and be more successful. The aim is to make everyone's lives easier, safer and healthier.

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download british standardsIt is now possible to purchase and download British Standards in PDF format. Unfortunatly, not all British Standards are available to download. If a Standard is not available to download you will need to purchase it as a hardcopy.

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Distributing BSI British Standards Publications

The BSI are the UK's national standards organization. It's role is to produce and publish British Standards and information products that promote and share best practice. BSI serves the interests of a wide range of industry sectors as well as governments, consumers, employees and society overall, to make sure that BS British standards, EN European standards and ISO international standards are useful, relevant and authoritative.

As businesses grow and become more accountable, the need for greater standardisation is becoming a necessity of commercial life. has been created to provide business executives and professionals with fast and efficient access to over 50,000 current and withdrawn British Standards.


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ISO 9001

iso 9001 Manage your customers expectations with Quality Management Standards and ISO 9001.

ISO 14001

iso 14001 Environmental standards can help your businesses to become greener, save money and reduce waste.

Top Selling BSI Publications

  • BS 5266-1:2005
    Emergency lighting. Code of practice for the emergency lighting of premises.

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