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BS 5454:2000 - WITHDRAWN (replaced by PD 5454:2012)

WARNING: This is a WITHDRAWN standard
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Recommendations for the storage and exhibition of archival documents

     Information sciences

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BS 5454:2000


BSi code: BS 5454:2000
ISBN number: 0 580 33151 2
Product code: 19996363
Publication Date: 15th Apr 2000

BS 5454:2000 makes recommendations for the storage and exhibition of archival documents, including, library materials.

These recommendations apply to the long-term and permanent storage of archival documents. The temporary storage of such documents in restricted access, and their display in exhibitions is also covered. The recommendations apply to new buildings, whether purpose-built or adapted, and to existing buildings.

The recommendations in BS 5454:2000, mainly concern traditional materials, i.e. paper and parchment, although some guidance on more modern media is given in clause 11. This guidance is intended for the storage of modern media in general-purpose repositories, and further specialist advice may also be required.

Who should use this standard?
BS 5454:2000 is for use by archivists, librarians, conservators, museum curators, architects, designers, contractors, engineers and others concerned with the planning, construction, equipment, maintenance and working of such repositories.

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