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BS EN 2870:1996

Bolts, normal bihexagonal head, close tolerance normal shank, short thread, in titanium alloy, anodized, MoS2 lubricated. Classification: 1100 MPa (at ambient temperature) /315°C

     Bolts, screws, studs

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BS EN 2870:1996


BSi code: BS EN 2870:1996
ISBN number: 0 580 26349 5
Product code: 00885572
Publication Date: 15th Dec 1996

Subjects Related to BS EN 2870:1996: Aircraft components - Bolts - Bihexagonal-head fasteners - Titanium alloys - External-thread fasteners - Threaded fasteners - Fasteners - Anodizing - Dimensions - Designations - Marking - Surface treatment - Lubrication - Molybdenum inorganic compounds - Sulfides - Threads - Mass - Tensile strength - Temperature