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BS EN ISO 7599:2010

Anodizing of aluminium and its alloys. General specifications for anodic oxidation coatings on aluminium

     Surface treatment

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BS EN ISO 7599:2010


BSi code: BS EN ISO 7599:2010
ISBN number: 978 0 580 64215 9
Product code: 30187672
Publication Date: 31st Jul 2010

BS EN ISO 7599:2010 covers the Anodizing of aluminium and its alloys. General spec's for anodic oxidation coatings on aluminium
BS EN ISO 7599 does lay down a method for specifying decorative and protective anodic oxidation coatings on aluminium (including aluminium-based alloys).

It also defines the characteristic properties of anodic oxidation coatings, lists methods of test for checking the characteristic properties, provides minimum performance requirements,& gives information on the grades of aluminium suitable for anodizing and the importance of pretreatment to ensure the required appearance or texture of the finished work.

However BS EN ISO 7599 does not apply to:-

•Non-porous oxidation coatings of the barrier layer type,
•Oxidation coatings produced by chromic acid or phosphoric acid anodizing,
•Oxidation coatings intended merely to prepare the substrate for subsequent application of organic coatings or electrodeposition of metals-
•Hard anodic oxidation coatings used mainly for engineering purposes, which abrasion and wear resistance are the primary characteristics (see ISO 10074).
For those, refer to BS ISO 10074 Anodizing of aluminium and its alloys. Specification for hard anodic oxidation coatings on aluminium and its alloys

Contents of BS EN ISO 7599 includes
•Normative references
•Terms and definitions
•Information supplied by customer to anodizer
•Coating thickness
•Quality of sealing
•Appearance and colour.
•Corrosion resistance
•Abrasion resistance
•Resistance to cracking by deformation
•Fastness to light and ultraviolet radiation
•Light reflection properties
•Electrical breakdown potential
•Continuity of coating.
•Mass per unit area (surface density) of coating
•Guide to grades of aluminium for anodizing
•Guidance on surface preparation
•Interpretation of average and local thickness requirements
•Standard test panels for calibrating test apparatus for measuring the thickness of anodic oxidation coatings on aluminium
•Guidance on cleaning materials for external architectural applications
•Summary of information to be supplied by the customer to the anodizer

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