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BS 1377-3:1990

Methods of test for soils for civil engineering purposes. Chemical and electro-chemical tests

     Earthworks. Excavations. Foundation construction. Underground works

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BS 1377-3:1990


Methods of test for chemical substances, including organic matter, in samples of soil and ground water. The determination of some electro-chemical and corrosivity properties of soil and water samples are also included.

BSi code: BS 1377-3:1990
ISBN number: 0 580 18370 X
Product code: 00773465
Publication Date: 31st Aug 1990

Subjects Related to BS 1377-3:1990: Soil testing - Soils - Ground water - Construction - Determination of content - Chemical analysis and testing - Interferences (chemical) - Organic matter determination - Specimen preparation - Testing conditions - Ignition-loss tests - Sulfates - Gravimetric analysis - Carbonates - Ion-exchange methods - Volumetric analysis - Chlorides - Extraction methods of analysis - Solvent extraction methods - pH measurement - Electrical resistivity - Electrical measurement - Potentiometric methods - Test equipment