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BS 2902:1957 - WITHDRAWN

WARNING: This is a WITHDRAWN standard
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Specification. Higher tensile steel chain slings and rings, links alternative to rings, egg links and intermediate links

     Accessories for lifting equipment

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BS 2902:1957


Materials, dimensions, tests for chain slings with higher tensile strength than BS 781. Sizes of short link chain $9D in to l$9H in. Single, two-leg, three-leg, four-leg slings; reevable, non-reevable collar slings; components. Notes on design, with simple formulae for calculating proof loads for rings, links and other intermediate components. Testing machine, details of proof testing and proof loads, a form of certificate of test and examination, recommendations for safe working loads, and for use, c are and maintenance of chain and chain slings, safe working loads for alternative rings.

BSi code: BS 2902:1957
ISBN number: 0 580 32617 9
Product code: 00059634
Publication Date: 30th Sep 1957

Subjects Related to BS 2902:1957: Hoisting slings - Link chains - Lifting chains - Chains - Steels - High-tensile steels - Dimensions - Links - Diameter - Length - Width - Design - Formulae (mathematics) - Design calculations - Safe working load - Angles (geometry) - Assembling - Heat treatment - Marking - Marks - Proof loading - Symbols - Certificates of conformity - Shape - Hooks - Test equipment - Safety measures - Occupational safety - Maintenance - Lifting