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BS 3921:1985 - WITHDRAWN (replaced by BS EN 771-1:2003 BS EN 772-3:1998 BS EN 772-7:1998)

WARNING: This is a WITHDRAWN standard
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Specification for clay bricks

     Mineral materials and products

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BS 3921:1985


‘Requirements for dimensions, compressive strength, water absorption, soluble salt content, efflorescence and sampling for bricks manufactured from clay for use in walling. Also gives methods of classification and guidance on appearance. Sizes and tolerances apply only to the 225 mm x 112 .5 mm x 75 mm format. See also BS 6649 and BS 4729.‘

BSi code: BS 3921:1985
ISBN number: 0 580 14642 1
Product code: 00148616
Publication Date: 29th Nov 1985

Subjects Related to BS 3921:1985: ‘Clay - Bricks - Construction systems parts - Walls - Dimensions - Size - Water absorption - Compressive strength - Hollow bricks - Durability - Classification systems - Salts - Solutes - Efflorescence - Determination of content - Marking - Dimensional measurement - Sampling methods - Chemical analysis and testing - Compression testing - Water-absorption tests - Quality assurance systems - Statistical quality control‘