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BS 4360:1990 - WITHDRAWN (replaced by BS 7668:1994 BS EN 10029:1991 BS EN 10113-1:1993 B)

WARNING: This is a WITHDRAWN standard
Please click here to view more information about withdrawn standards

Specification for weldable structural steels

     Iron and steel products in general

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BS 4360:1990


Requirements for steels for general structural and engineering purposes in the form of hot-rolled plates, strip, wide flats, flats and bars and for structural steel sections complying with Parts 2, 4 and 5 of BS 4848 and BS 4:Part 1.

BSi code: BS 4360:1990
ISBN number: 0 580 18884 1
Product code: 11122236
Publication Date: 28th Sep 1990

Subjects Related to BS 4360:1990: Steels - Structural steels - Weldability - Metal sections - Sheet materials - Rolling - Hollow sections - Bars (materials) - Strips - Chemical composition - Surface defects - Marking - Dimensional tolerances - Form tolerances - Length - Width - Thickness - Size - Flatness (surface) - Test specimens - Testing conditions - Flattening tests - Mechanical testing - Sample location - Tensile strength - Yield strength - Weather resistance - Impact strength - Elongation - Angular tolerances