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BS 5234-1:1992

Partitions (including matching linings). Code of practice for design and installation

     Walls. Partitions. Fašades

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BS 5234-1:1992


Types of partition are defined and the functions and properties to be considered are given regardless of the material from which they are made. Grades of partition are given related to their strength and robustness. Recommendations for ensuring that the design is realized on site and maintained after completion are given.

BSi code: BS 5234-1:1992
ISBN number: 0 580 21167 3
Product code: 00285375
Publication Date: 15th Dec 1992

Subjects Related to BS 5234-1:1992: Partitions - Construction systems parts - Design - Structural design - Wall linings - Installation - Non-loadbearing walls - Walls - Compatibility - Dimensions - Loading - Strength of materials - Grades (quality) - Fire resistance - Sound insulation - Moisture - Moisture control - Thermal transmittance - Finishes - Maintenance - Building services - Selection - Wind loading - Accuracy - Setting out (site work) - Acoustic absorption