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BS 8301:1985 - WITHDRAWN (replaced by BS EN 752-1:1996 BS EN 752-2:1997 BS EN 752-3:1997)

WARNING: This is a WITHDRAWN standard
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Code of practice for building drainage

     Drainage systems

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BS 8301:1985


Sets out recommendations for the design, layout, construction, testing and maintenance of foul, surface water and ground water drainage systems constructed in the ground under and around any buildings and their connection to sewers, treatment works, cesspools, soakaways or watercourses.

BSi code: BS 8301:1985
ISBN number: 0 580 14382 1
Product code: 00128563
Publication Date: 30th Apr 1985

Subjects Related to BS 8301:1985: Drainage - Buildings - Foul-sewage drainage - Waste-water drainage - Surface-water drainage - Ground-water drainage - Underground - Drainpipes - Water supply and waste systems (buildings) - Sewers - Sewage engineering - Legislation - Construction materials - Pipes - Flexible pipes - Pipe couplings - Size - Chemical-resistance tests - Construction systems parts - Design - Structural design - Layout - Flow rates - Construction operations - Manholes - Dimensions - Excavating - Ground movement - Inspection - Performance testing - Hydraulic tests - Pressure testing - Maintenance - Compaction tests - Leak tests - Pipe laying - Water-absorption tests