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BS EN 100015-1:1992 - WITHDRAWN (replaced by BS EN 61340-5-1:2001)

WARNING: This is a WITHDRAWN standard
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Basic specification. Protection of electrostatic sensitive devices. Harmonized system of quality assessment for electronic components. Basic specification: protection of electrostatic sensitive devices. General requirements

     Electronic components in general

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BS EN 100015-1:1992


General requirements for the protection of sensitive devices from electrostatic discharge and fields. Applies only to electronic devices and assemblies.

BSi code: BS EN 100015-1:1992
ISBN number: 0 580 20336 0
Product code: 00375731
Publication Date: 20th Dec 1991

Subjects Related to BS EN 100015-1:1992: Electronic equipment and components - Electrostatics - Electric discharges - Design - Marking - Labels - Signs - Environment (working) - Earthing - Electrical protection equipment - Clothing - Packaging - Quality control - Work spaces - Test equipment - Safety measures - Materials handling - Electric field effects