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BS EN 10083-1:2006

Steels for quenching and tempering. General technical delivery conditions

     Heat -treatable steels

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BS EN 10083-1:2006


BSi code: BS EN 10083-1:2006
ISBN number: 0 580 49135 8
Product code: 30105407
Publication Date: 31st Aug 2006

If you specify, purchase or supply steel BS EN 10083-1:2006 has been developed by technical experts as an invaluable to guide to the Standard purchase specifications and delivery conditions of semi-finished, hot formed products such as:-

wide flats
hot-rolled strip and sheet/plate
BS EN 10083-1:2006 should be read in conjunction with BSEN 10083-2:2006 and BS EN 10083-3:2006.

This Standard does not cover bright steel products (see BS EN 10277 series) or continuously cast semi-finished products for which special arrangements must be made.

BS EN 10083-1:2006, concentrates on the general supply conditions; the detailed specifications of the steels themselves being defined in part 2 (non alloy steels) and part 3 (alloy steels).

The steels are generally intended for the manufacture of quenched and tempered, flame and induction hardened machine parts, but alternatively may be supplied in the normalized condition.

Normative references
Terms and definitions
Classification and designation
Information to be supplied by the purchaser
Mandatory information
Manufacturing process
Heat treatment and surface condition at delivery
Cast separation
Chemical composition, hardenability and mechanical properties
Shearability of semi-finished products and bars
Internal soundness
Surface quality
Dimensions, tolerances on dimensions and shape
Testing procedures and types of documents
Frequency of testing
Tests to be carried out for specific inspection
Preparation of samples and test pieces
Selection and preparation of samples for chemical analysis
Location and orientation of samples and test pieces for mechanical tests
Location and preparation of samples for hardness and hardenability tests
Identification of samples and test pieces
Test methods
Chemical analysis
Mechanical tests
Hardness and hardenability tests
Marking, labelling, packaging
Annex A (normative) Ruling sections for the mechanical properties
Annex B (normative) Options
Annex C (informative) Other relevant standards
Annex D (informative) Dimensional standards applicable to products complying with this European Standard
Annex E (informative) Determining the non-metallic inclusion content
BS EN 10083-1:2006 supersedes BS EN 10083-1:1991, which has been withdrawn

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