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BS EN 62305-3:2006 - WITHDRAWN (replaced by BS EN 62305-3:2011)

WARNING: This is a WITHDRAWN standard
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Protection against lightning. Physical damage to structures and life hazard

     Electrical engineering in general documentation, electrical tables, safety, fire hazard testing, etc.
     Lightning protection

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BS EN 62305-3:2006


BSi code: BS EN 62305-3:2006
ISBN number: 978 0 580 66890 6
Product code: 30199228
Publication Date: 29th Sep 2006

BS EN 62305-3:2006 Protection against lightning. Physical damage to structures and life hazard.
BS EN 62305-3, deals with the protection, in and, around a structure, against physical damage and injury to living beings due to touch and step voltages from lightning. The main and most effective measure for protection of structures against physical damage is considered to be the lightning protection system (LPS). It usually consists of both external, and internal lightning protection systems.
An external LPS is intended to:-
a) Intercept a lightning flash to the structure (with an air-termination system).
b) Conduct the lightning current safely towards earth (using a down-conductor system).
c) Disperse the lightning current into the earth (using an earth-termination system).
An internal LPS prevents dangerous sparking within the structure using either equipotential bonding or a separation distance between the external LPS components, and other electrically conducting elements internal to the structure.
Main protection measures against injury to living beings due to touch, and step voltages are intended to:-
1) Reduce the dangerous current flowing through bodies, by insulating exposed conductive
parts, and/or by increasing the surface soil resistivity;
2) Reduce the occurrence of dangerous touch and, step voltages by physical restrictions
and/or warning notices.
The type and location of an LPS should be carefully considered in the initial design of a new
structure, thereby enabling maximum advantage to be taken of the electrically conductive
parts of the structure. By doing so, design and construction of an integrated installation is
made easier, the overall aesthetic aspects can be improved, and the effectiveness of the LPS
can be increased at minimum cost and effort.
BS EN 62305-3 provides the requirements for protection of a structure against physical damage by means of a lightning protection system (LPS), and for protection against injury to living beings due to touch and step voltages in the vicinity of an LPS.
This standard is applies to:-
a) Design, installation, inspection and maintenance of an LPS for structures without limitation
of their height
b) Establishment of measures for protection against injury to living beings due to touch and
step voltages.
Contents of BS EN 62305-3:-
Normative references
Terms and definitions
Lightning protection system (LPS
Class of LPS
Design of the LPS
Continuity of steelwork in reinforced concrete structures
External lightning protection system
Air-termination systems
Down-conductor systems
Earth-termination system
Materials & dimensions
Internal lightning protection system
Lightning equipotential bonding
Electrical insulation of the external LPS
Maintenance and inspection of an LPS
Application of inspections
Order of inspections
Protection measures against injury to living beings due to touch & step voltages
Protection measures against touch voltages
Protection measures against step voltages
Positioning the air-termination system
Minimum cross-section of the entering cable screen in order to avoid dangerous sparking Partitioning of the lightning current amongst down-conductors
Additional information for LPS in the case of structures with a risk of explosion
Guidelines for the design, construction, maintenance and inspection of lightning protection systems
Normative references to international publications with their corresponding European publications.

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