BSI Membership

British Standards Institution Membership will save your company up to 50% on the cost of British Standards Publications. Discover how BSI Membership will benefit your organisation and make using standards easier and more affordable by visiting Become a BSI Member.

  • Save 50% on British Standards Publications.
  • Access to British Standards Online (BSOL).
  • Reduced costs for BSI conferences.
  • Discounts on foreign standards.
  • Save 10% on ISO, DIN and ASTM standards.
  • Free postage and packaging.

Some of the world’s largest and most successful businesses are BSI members, including 75% of the FTSE 100 companies. So as a BSI member you will be in good company and the same information that drives these organisations to success will be at your finger tips. Only members of BSI can save 50% on the cost of British Standards and BSOL. You can also get 10% off ISO standards and many other foreign standards such as DIN and ASTM. Postage and packaging is always free for BSI members.

On seeing the BSI Membership Certificate displayed, your customers will know of your commitment to quality and safety. The certificate also makes you a legal part of BSI, the trusted "British Standards Institution".