Download British Standards

download british standardsIt is now possible to purchase most BSI BS Standards as a download in PDF format.

Not all BS standards are available to download. If a BS standard can be purchased as a download you will see this symbol  on the Standards product page; but if the BS Standard is not available for download you will see this symbol . If a BS Standard is not available to download you will need to purchase it as a hard copy by clicking on the Hard Copy symbol .

An example of a downloadable British Standard is BS 5266-1:2005.

An example of a BS Standard that cannot be purchased as a download is BIP 0002:2009.

Once you have purchased you British Standards download you will be entitled to download one copy of each BS Standard PDF onto a single computer. You must not copy, transfer or email the downloaded BS Standard to another computer.

Downloaded PDF British Standard documents are not for resale. You cannot sell, lend or give the BS Standard download to anyone else without written consent from BSI. A BS Standards PDF is subject to copyright laws and that copyright is held exclusively by the British Standards Institute.